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and discover the pleasure of Health.

We offer Treatment Plans based on a combination of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Nutrition, customized to the specific needs of each patient. This provides a transformative environment where your body can finally recover, heal, and thrive to create your best life!

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Acupuncture treatments are more than pain relief. In addition to resolving back pain, headaches, tendinitis, chronic pain, and arthritis, we effectively treat internal medicine conditions like breathing problems, digestive issues, insomnia, neuropathy... and a long list of other health problems.

Herbal Formulas

Herbal Medicine is the Queen of Traditional Chinese Medicine! It's one of the most comprehensive herbal systems in the world. We use the highest quality herbs. Thanks to our unique pulse diagnostic skills, we are able to choose precisely the right formula of Chinese herbs that your body needs to recover and get better health.

Nutritional Therapy

 Eating the right food is essential to recovering and maintaining our health. Our body is equipped with a healing mechanism greater than any human invention.

Discover what Traditional Chinese Medicine and the correct foods for your body constitution can do for you!

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experience the instant relief

Recover Your Health and Vitality:

 Come visit us in our clinic or online!

We'll have an interview, and do a full Chinese Medical Examination to identify what is at the root of any illness or lack of well-being that you are experiencing... and what is the best way to help you.

We'll create a Customized Plan that works with your body, time, and budget.

 Our Treatment Plans are unique to each patient.

 Plans may include Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Formulas,

and Nutritional Counseling, depending on what you need to fully recover.

If you live far from us, we'll be working together through focused Herbal formulas and Nutrition to target and transform the root of your symptoms. We have a full herbal pharmacy on-site in our clinic, so we'll be prescribing and filling custom herbal formulas to send you weekly, wherever you are. No matter what, we'll need to meet weekly, in person, or through Telehealth, to guide you through your healing progress, and to assess new Herbal prescriptions.

Recovery Phase:

Your body and symptoms will start to change and improve, slowly but steadily. Some symptoms may change quickly, and others may take more time. Chinese Medicine is a deep medicine: it can sometimes have dramatic recovery results; but is often more like blossoming and transformation that can take a few months, similar to gaining muscle in the gym... gradual but creating real, lasting change.

 Enjoy and Maintain Your Health:

Once you have achieved your goals, you will have learned how to keep your balance and your health for the long term.

Our sincere wish is that you will truly learn how your body works.

 Once you have recovered, you won't need us anymore!

Chinese Medicine Pulse Diagnosis

The secret to getting it right in Chinese Medicine is to make an accurate diagnosis through Advanced Pulse Diagnosis:  that's why our Health Center is unique and has a high success rate in helping our patients achieve their optimum vitality.

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Whether your problems are acute or chronic, we can positively change your life.

Chinese Medicine Fort Lauderdale

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