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Herbalist and Acupuncture in  Florida

Chinese Medicine Therapists


Each of us at Soul Acupuncture & Herbal has had a history of health problems miraculously solved by Chinese and Natural  Medicine.

This is how  we gained a passion for our profession and dedication to help others.

Meg Frodel Chinese Medicine Herbalis

Meg Frodel


Meg Frodel comes to you at Soul Acupuncture after traveling a long path in the healing arts.  As a teen she confronted a serious neurological health crisis that led her to seek out integrative health modalities to find her way back to full-functioning well-being as an adult.  She studied and became passionate about teaching and practicing cranio-sacral unwinding, integrative body and emotional work, medical qigong, yoga, meditation, and constitutional balancing through nutrition and food energetics.  

She feels blessed to have worked for many years with a Native American tribe and women’s counsel in the Pacific Northwest, where she reconnected to her purpose in this life in guiding others to find the medicines that we all inherently carry and wake up to in life.

After connecting to earth and spirit in the NW she moved to NYC and became Wellness Director at a large global financial consulting firm in NYC where she developed and ran a comprehensive corporate wellness program there for 10 years:  including classes in nutrition and weight loss sciences, sleep, bodywork, qi-gong, meditation, and ergonomics, etc.

 Working in a skyscraper on Madison Avenue, she learned to reach deep into her knowing that elements of nature and spirit work hand in hand with our modern medicines and resources and are in fact necessary to animate these technologies in healing disease and imbalance. 

However, she found that even when communities like the financial consulting firm had access to yoga, diet, bodywork, and meditation, that deeper diagnosis and medicine were needed to reverse years of damage and stress patterning in their bodies and nervous systems.  


Meg then fully committed to her life-long vision of bringing traditional practices of medicine into mainstream culture. She became certified in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture and spent years working in a busy clinic with a renowned pulse diagnostician and herbalist.   She treated thousands of patients with serious (chronic and acute) health issues and watched them recover with the Advanced Herbal Prescribing and Custom Formulas: tailored exactly to each patients’ pulse.  The clinic also specialized in acupuncture that re-trained each patient's nervous system to correct the source of chronic pain.

She learned again in Chinese Medicine what she had always known:  that each person’s body and spirit is unique, and needs different herbs, treatments, and practices than someone else who may have the same Western medical diagnosis.  The key is to treat the root of imbalance:  which can be different for everyone!  If we keep checking in with the body’s own diagnostic system of the pulse, we can see exactly what it needs NOW, from week to week, to heal and balance!

Meg has joined forces with other master herbalists and pulse diagnosticians,  Eduardo Velasco Valido, at Soul Acupuncture and Herbal in FLA, to offer the public an alternative to the Western medical sickness industry.  It has been our great honor to observe our patients recovering from chronic conditions (that seem ubiquitous in our times!) like Type 2 Diabetes, cholesterol and heart issues, insomnia, anxiety and depression, auto-immune disorders, migraines, and debilitating hormonal and chronic pain symptoms!  

Best of all is that the advanced medical pulse diagnosis is able to detect health issues before they become serious, so that herbs, diet and lifestyle changes can easily reverse and balance them.  Most western imaging, like CAT scans, xrays, stress tests, and MRI’s will only pick up health conditions when they are so advanced that more invasive treatment like surgery is unavoidable.

Meg is excited to share this remarkable system of diagnosis and medicine with you!  We don’t have to become seriously ill!  Let’s instead go back to the health values of ancient times, when people sought to cultivate many levels of health above the absence of disease!

Chinese advanced pulse diagnosis, herbal medicine and acupuncture can offer us a way back to true health and well-being in our bodies, minds and spirits! Come experience it for yourself...receiving an advanced pulse diagnosis session is an eye-opening, empowering experience! We can all reconnect to our inner medicines and take the steps to walk in our optimum health and vitality on this earth.


Meg Frodel 

Acupuncture Physician

 East Asian Medical Practitioner

Holistic Health Counselor

Licensed Acupuncturist

Certified Yoga Instructor

Certified Medical Qigong Practitioner

Eduardo Velasco Chinese Medicine Herbalist

Eduardo Velasco Valido

AP, LAc, PT (Spain)

For over 20 years, I have dedicated myself to different healing arts. I first started learning Acupuncture 23 years ago, with a French teacher, Bridgitte Gross, who taught me a classical Vietnamese style.  I went on to learning Holistic Kinesiology with Jose Luis Godoy for 3 years.  I then went on to continue my education,  and  majored in Physical Therapy and completed a Masters in Diet and Nutrition, with the FUNIBER Foundation. 

Later, I discovered traditional Thai massage and became fascinated with the techniques and its effectiveness, so I started traveling to Thailand to learn this ancient art.  I learned from the best schools in the country, as well as from various local therapists, especially from a famous healer in Thailand known for his therapeutic arts, Luampo Sombun a Buddhist monk with whom I was fortunate to learn and live with for three years (where I learned about a style of Thai acupressure and Thai herbs). In Spain, I founded the first school of Traditional Thai Massage in Madrid.  Since then I had spent the next 10 years  traveling to Thailand to learn and discover the secrets of Thai therapeutic massage.  I have shared this knowledge with the thousands of students who attended my school, and developed a combination of physical therapy and Thai massage that is uniquely my own. 

In the year 2015 I moved to the United States and reconnected with my deep admiration for Chinese Medicine once again and completed a Masters in Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine from OCOM, Portland, OR.

After graduating, I had the great opportunity to work and learn with world renowned Bob Doane for a good year, seeing more than 80 patients a day.  He is one of the best herbalist and acupuncturists in the country, teaching his unique and effective system of acupuncture and herbal prescription in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. In working with him for over a year, I became an extremely effective acupuncture physician and herbalist, with an  80% success rate in helping my patients.


Academic & Professional Training:


Oregon Collage of Oriental Medicine.                                           September 2015 - August 2020

Master on Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine


Global Balance Acupuncture, Vancouver BC.                                           (28 hours)October 2018

Si Yuan


Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio, Madrid Spain.                                 September 2002 - July 2005

Diplomado en Fisioterapia (Physiotherapy) 

Bachelors of Science


Fundación Funiber, Universidad de León, Madrid Spain.                   (530 hours) December 2005

Nutrition and Diet


The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society, Bangkok Thailand.           (372 hours) April 2016

Thai Massage


Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok Thailand.                      (30 hours) November  2012

Women's Health Care Massage


Om Sala, Chiang Mai Thailand                                                                 (20 hours) October 2012

Chi Nei Tsang


TMC, Chiang Mai Thailand.                                                                      (30 hours) October 2012

Foundation of Thai Massage Level 1

September 2002 – July 2005


Thai Traditional Medical Service Society; Bangkok, Thailand.             (60hours) September 2010

Spa Body Treatment


Thai Traditional Medical Service Society; Bangkok, Thailand.             (60hours) September 2010

Aromatherapy Massage Course

Foundation for Development of Foot Reflexology.                               (80hours) September 2008

Bangkok, Thailand. 

Thai Reflexology


Lek Chaya; Chinag Mai, Thailand.                                                              (25hours) August 2007

Nerve Touch Massage


Wat Po Traditional Medical School; Chiang Mai, Thailand                         (30hours) August 2006

Foot Massage


Chetawan Traditional Massage School; Chiang Mai, Thailand.                  (30hours) August 2006

Oil Massage and Aromatherapy


ITM; Chiang Mai, Thailand                                                                        (180hours) August 2006

Teacher Training


Wat Po Traditional Medical School; Bangkok, Thailand.                                 (60hours) July 2006

Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy


Wat Po Traditional Medical School; Bangkok, Thailand.                                (30hours) June 2006

General Thai Massage

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