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Holistic Medicine Fort Lauderdale
We Solve Health Problems.


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We need to know you and understand your health goals

customize a plan

Through our interview we discover the root of  health issues, and work together to create a treatment plan that meets your needs.


Recover your health and  reconnect with your body mind and soul through our treatment plan

enjoy and maintain your health

Enjoy your health and feel safe knowing that you can count on us anytime you need  it

make it real!
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Chinese Medicine Miami
 Soul Acupuncture Acupuncture Session
Soul Acupuncture Nutrition

Our acupuncture practitioners use a unique acupuncture style based on Dr.  Tan and Yamamoto, which provides instant results:  instant pain relief to help you recover your joy as soon as possible. Acupuncture treatment is perfect for pain and stress management.

Visit our Acupuncture Clinic!

Chinese Herbs

Herbal Medicine. With our pulse diagnosis skills, we know exactly what is happening in your body and how to choose the perfect herbal formula for you that will bring you again to the pleasure of life. They are the queen of oriental medicine.

Nutritional Therapy

When we are healthy we are able to digest most foods, but when symptoms appear and our bodies are in trouble, we can help you to choose the best nutrients to achieve the fastest recovery. We have been successfully  working with nutritional therapies for more than 20 years.

Why Soul Acupuncture  & Herbal?

- Our Secret: Years of Clinical Experience Treating Patients.

Also, Learning from the best Herbal, Pulse, and Acupuncture Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine. That makes our acupuncture clinic unique.

- Seeing 20 patients a day for years makes us experts in treating all kinds of health issues.


- Our skills in Chinese Medical Pulse Diagnosis are unique.

- Prescribing Chinese Herbal formulas is a very complicated area that requires in-depth knowledge of the Traditional Chinese Medicine pharmacopeia, as well as accurate diagnostic skills.

- Our Pulse Diagnosis skills are rare: our training allows us to perceive diagnostic details that few other herbalists have mastered. These details are key to making a correct herbal formula that ensures a successful treatment. These skills are essential to performing oriental medicine. 

- You are welcome to come in and try our Chinese Medical Pulse Diagnosis even if you are not sure you want to receive an acupuncture treatment or herbal medicine.

It's a great way to learn from an Oriental Medical perspective why you may be experiencing the symptoms you have. Come to our Acupuncture Clinic!

Our Herbs
Chinese Herbal Medicine

- Granules:

We use granules herbs, which allow the patient the convenience of using them at any time, without the need of cooking them, just adding some water, and all the properties become immediately bio-available. This makes the treatment and the healing process more efficient and more convenient for our patients.

- Quality:

Our suppliers ensure the safety, efficacy, and purity of our herbal extracts, following the strictest quality standards. The products come from quality seeds, geo-authentic, which means they come from their traditional regions, straight from the farms, with the guarantee of optimal potency.

All our providers follow Good Manufactures practices established by the US FDA and WHO.

- We Never Use Any Endangered Species:

 Our compromise with the conservation of the environment is 100%.

- Laboratory Testing:

Our herbs go through a thorough test process before arriving at the market. The laboratories are accredited by many countries, including Japan, the USA, Germany, and South Korea.

Our Treatment Plans

The best way to address a chronic problem is to create a Treatment Plan.

When a patient comes to visit us, in the first appointment, we take a deep intake and Chinese Medical examination to asses:

- Evaluate the condition

- Define the root of the problem

- Determine a prognosis

- Set Health realistic goals

- Present the best treatment plan to achieve the health goals in the minimum time possible.

The treatment plans consist of defining the number of acupuncture sessions needed, the number of herbal formulas necessary to help the condition, and a nutritional plan adjusted to the needs of the patient.

We create Treatment Plans customized specifically for your needs, covering all herbs, acupuncture, and nutritional advice we will need to achieve your health goals.

We are an Acupuncture Clinic located in Broward County.

What We Treat

Herbs for stomach problems


Lower Back Acupuncture

Men's Health

Herbs for muscle pain


Acupuncture for menstrual cramps

Women's Health

Best herbal remedy for anxiety

Emotional Wellness

Herbs for lung cancer

Cancer Support

Acupucture fro arthritis in knee
Chinese Medicine for fertility


Herbal remedies for bronchitis


Be the Change You Need in Your Life

Whether if your problems is new or if you have been suffering from  long time, we can make a possitive change in your life

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