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Infertility has been treated successfully by Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. The earliest records of gynecological medical writing date back to the Shang dynasty (1500-1000 BC).


At Soul Acupuncture & Herbal, we have extensive experience helping couples to conceive and create healthy and happy families.


Know us

How does it work?

At Soul Acupuncture & Herbal, we treat the body as a whole: 

If you are having fertility difficulties, this means that your overall health is not optimal.

We can diagnose the root causes of each woman’s infertility with Chinese medical pulse diagnosis and naturally balance these issues with acupuncture and herbal medicine.

The happy side effects of improving fertility with Chinese Medicine include more energy, recovering your health, and improving stamina, emotional health, sleep, digestion, and symptoms related to your menstrual cycle!


lear with us

Our protocols

Usually, a Fertility protocol implies a 1-month to a 3-month treatment plan,  depending on the patient's age and previous health conditions.


We customize a specific diet and weekly custom herbal formulas that address each patient's health issues and strengthen their stamina. And if you live close to our clinic, we also offer weekly acupuncture treatments.


Fertility is about two

Generally, with infertility, everybody assumes gynecological issues; but it takes two to make a baby! It is equally important to improve the man's health:  chances of pregnancy significantly improve if both the couple receive treatment. Sperm quality and quantity have statistically been declining with modern lifestyles. Fortunately, we also have great herbal formulas to boost sperm production in men.

It is time for you to try something new that has been working great for thousands of years!

In addition to thousands of years of experience in improving fertility, there are tons of scientific studies proving the efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in treating infertility.

It is cheaper than conventional treatments, with fewer side effects and usually better outcomes.

Even if you are getting IVF or other conventional treatments, Traditional Chinese Medicine will significantly improve the chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby.

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