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Chinese Medicine Diet Plan with Nutritionist in Fort Lauderdale


Nutrition Therapy

Choosing which foods you eat is one of the easiest and most effective ways to recover your health. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on balance and its basic symbol is the Yin Yang which represents the harmony of equilibrium.  This goal can be stimulated by the food you eat. Your everyday lunches can help promote your health or to promote your sickness.

Now it is your choice.

Nutriton Fort Lauderdale

Eating the right ingredients

In addition to the Yin Yang theory, Traditional Chinese Medicine defines the world and the human body in 5 elements; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Each food has a specific affinity for one element and some organs. You need to choose the right one at the right time. Everybody has a different metabolism and no one food is good and correct for everyone all the time:  you need to choose what is right for you in this very moment of your life.  Let us help you make the right choice!

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Which food is good for you?

Each of us at Soul Acupuncture & Herbal have a long background in Nutrition:  we love to eat and we love to help our patients to eat the right foods for them!

Our background in assessing the individual yin-yang balance and elemental properties of food helps our patients become experts in using food as medicine!

Be the Change You Need in Your Life

Whether if your problems in new or if you have been suffering from  long time, we can make a possitive change in your life

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